Close Reading for Ethos, Logos and Pathos (Steel)

Resource Author:

Connie Steel

Resource Description:

In order to help students prepare for Paper 2.1, I had them bring a copy of their target article to class. I reminded/asked them about prior types of close reading that they had done in high school. Then, I introduced them of our basic definitions of ethos, logos and pathos. I gave them three worksheets with directed questions to help them analyze the rhetorical techniques of the author. I warned them in advance that they would not be able to complete all three sheets during class time but rather that we would spend an equal amount of time on each and they could finish at home. I also let them know that if they were not finding sufficient content to answer the questions on the worksheets that the article might not be of sufficient quality to yield a rich analysis for their papers. After the first worksheet, one student declared that she would find a different article.

Attached are the three work sheets (which could also be used as a homework assignment or peer review worksheets).